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A Little Back Story

 From childhood I was always curious. Taking the time to disassemble things for the sake of seeing how they work, and questioning things that didn't quite add up. But, at the age of 8 something happened that silenced me and for nearly 3 decades. I was sexually molested. The fallout from that trauma had taken its toll on my entire world. I battled with PTSD, night terrors, mis-identity, inferiority, anger, isolation and the overall feeling of not being enough. I hurt and betrayed so many people, and I knew that I could not sustain this way of living without utter self sabotage. Everything around me was crumbling and I had to take action if things were going to change. So, I got help. And, with that help, I began understanding how important it was for me to shift my perspective. After doing the deep inner work and shifting my mindset along with my perspective, I have made it my mission to help everyone, especially men, reconnect to who they truly are, separate from their traumas and outside of the "masculinity" labels of society. I believe that men and women who have taken the time to "re-see" their traumatic experiences with a new perspective, engage with life differently. They become better Fathers, Mothers, Husbands, Wives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

"There is a life worth living on the other side of trauma and I believe that when we embrace "that" life, we can truly Be, Do and Have what ever we desire." 

"Change Your Perspective. Change Your Story. Change Your Life."

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